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The GEO 2016-2025 Strategic Plan: implementing GEOSS

The GEO 2016-2025 Strategic Plan: implementing GEOSS

Strategic Plan

  • Part A

    outlines the Strategy, affirming the Vision and Mission of GEO, highlighting the value of GEO’s unique capabilities, and widening the engagement with developing countries. It establishes three Strategic Objectives – Advocate, Engage, Deliver – to guide the work of GEO over the next decade.

  • Part B

    the Implementation Plan, outlines how GEO will implement its Vision and Mission over the next decade, including evolving the GEOSS, continuing to promote the GEOSS Data Sharing and Management Principles, and focusing on engagement.

The Strategic Plan , approved by the GEO-XII Plenary and endorsed by the GEO Mexico City Ministerial Declaration in November 2015, provides the framework for GEO to operate over the next decade, ensuring it can respond to the needs of society.

A Reference Document accompanies the Strategic Plan , providing additional details on aspects of the Implementation Plan.