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K-GEOSS 2016-2025 Strategy

Contributes to the solution of social problems using science and technology specified in the Basic Law of Science and Technology.

    • The social problems that arise in modern society are complex and diverse, and can be solved through cooperation with diverse fields considering regional characteristics as well as global context.
    • To discover the causes of social problems and to find effective solutions, precise data collection, objective analysis and forecasting of the subject area are required and this should be supported by R&D of science and technology.

K-GEO seeks to play the following role as the working group of government departments.

    • Through cooperation with departments responsible for collecting and managing data by subject areas, construct a common platform for efficient use of national data/information※ Prevention of waste of national budget and manpower due to collection and management of overlapping data
    • By applying data/information in related fields, analyzes diverse issues and establishes effective alternatives
    • Plays role as an integrated community for data sharing, management, and application
    • Contributing to the strengthening of global science and technology diplomacy by connecting with cooperation projects excavation and ODA projects of many departments